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What is this course about?

During your scuba diving training you will learn a bit about physics, biology, geography and various other sciences that help us to navigate the underwater world safely. Isn't it kind of strange that the one science you won't cover is the one that can help you understand how you think, feel and behave as a diver? This unique course fills the gap! Did you know this is also the eLearning for PADI Psychological Diver? Although it may be taken alone as an online course, you may also choose to meet with an instructor to complete the certification.

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How can ACT help you as a scuba diver?

Do you ever run into mental blocks and emotional barriers to diving? In this course you will meet your instructor weekly to practice a set of evidence-based skills to help you towards more competent, confident scuba diving. The skills and techniques come from Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). ACT skills are highly transferable, so you can use them to manage stress, learn more effectively or improve your physical wellbeing. This course was developed in 2020 and (as far as we know) is the first course to bring ACT to scuba diving, making it globally unique. Check it out!

Short Courses

Quick access to skills that can improve your diving.

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    What is deep breathing?

    How we breathe affects our diving in lots of ways, do you know what a deep breath really is? This 1 hour course takes you through some key concepts.
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    Mental Rehearsal for Scuba Divers

    There are always new skills to learn in scuba diving and new places to go. This is a skill you can learn to reduce anxiety and improve your diving skills.
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What is this course about?

This is an EFR (PADI) course to build awareness of mental health conditions and prevention. This 3 hour class session is discussion-based and also includes tips on improved mental wellbeing to help you stay psychologically fit-to-dive. You will also receive an EFR certificate.


Brief eGuides on the topics you may be reluctant to ask about.

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    eGuide to Mask Skills

    Downloadable guide to the importance of mastering mask skills and tips on dealing with issues.
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    eGuide to the Panic Triangle

    Panicking while diving is to be avoided. So have you ever wondered what may cause a diver to panic?
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