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Courses & Training

We offer a range of courses on specialist topics in diving that every diver can benefit from. For example, psychological theory in scuba diving, diver anxiety & panic, and "invisible" skills such as mental rehearsal. We also offer courses in mental health & wellbeing. Our most recent development is "ScubaFlex" in which divers learn to apply evidenced-based behaviour theory to become more flexible, resilient divers.
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Accessible, informative courses for scuba divers.

Online Training Options

For tailored training & coaching

  • Individual

    If you are looking to upgrade your psychological skill-set, these sessions may be appropriate for you. Depending on your goals, focus on practicing and improving skills for noticing and responding effectively to stressors.

  • Bring a buddy

    If you usually take your scuba training together, why not meet online and upgrade your mental skills together too? These sessions may be booked singly, or as a series. They can be focused around building psychological skills that may be useful under the surface

  • Club / Team

    You can also book a series of sessions or workshops for small groups of divers. Consider the ScubaFlex program. Alternatively topics & sessions may be tailored to your group.

Dive Psychology

Specialist Clinical Psychology

Dr Laura Walton is a UK regulated Clinical Psychologist with a specialist interest in Diving Psychology. Divers experiencing anxiety in diving contexts, issues following diving incidents and mental health concerns impacting on fitness to dive can benefit from specialist awareness of the diving environment.
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