Individual Therapy and Coaching

To support you to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit-to-dive

In addition to courses, we provide tailored, individual programs to support your psychological fitness to dive. Whether you have a concern that is getting in the way of your diving, or would like support to enhance performance of skills, we offer specialist approaches to help.

Break through skills blocks

Noticing discomfort, stress or repeat mistakes with a particular skill? EMDR can help to identify and break down blocks to help you feel ok and improve your skills.

Diving Psychology

Are you having difficulties with some aspect of your diving? Feeling stressed by certain environments or tasks? Book a session to explore your concerns and ways psychology can help you.

Improve wellbeing & fitness

Struggling with lifestyle issues, and want to be mentally or physically fitter for diving? Check out our coaching services to support your belief & behaviour changes.

Psychological "Deco"

Have you had a RECENT accident or bad experience when diving? The psychological impact can take a while to process, and sometimes gets stuck. A short series of EMDR can help to process the event & reduce distress. There is also some evidence that this can prevent development of PTSD.