Online Training Options

For tailored training & coaching

  • Individual

    If you are looking to upgrade your psychological skill-set, these sessions may be appropriate for you. Depending on your goals, focus on practicing and improving skills for noticing and responding effectively to stressors.

  • Bring a buddy

    If you usually take your scuba training together, why not meet online and upgrade your mental skills together too? These sessions may be booked singly, or as a series. They can be focused around building psychological skills that may be useful under the surface

  • Club / Team

    You can also book a series of sessions or workshops for small groups of divers. Consider the ScubaFlex program. Alternatively topics & sessions may be tailored to your group.

Coaching and/training in psychological skills may be useful for a range of concerns about performance and enjoyment of scuba diving. I offer a tailored coaching service to help scuba divers overcome barriers.

  • All services are offered via online video call.

  • Specialist approach including advanced techniques

  • Fully private practice, confidential service.

  • Book online and get calendar reminders.

Addressing Blocks

Throughout a diver's career it's not unusual to develop blocks to progress. These are often experienced as nerves or anxiety about specific situations, skills or procedures. I offer highly specialised approaches to breaking down such blocks.

  • Apprehension about certain diving environments (e.g. wrecks, caves, depth).

  • Triggers for stress and emotional reactivity (e.g. frustrations and annoyances).

  • Performance anxiety related to skills or procedures (e.g. DSMB, mask skills, etc.).

Specific Skills

How much time have you invested in your scuba diving skills, taking courses etc.? These skills are absolutely important, however, there are other skills - ones that don't usually get covered in scuba training.

  • Regulation of emotion & attention

  • Coping with uncomfortable feelings or situations

  • Setting and maintaining personal boundaries.

Acheiving Goals

If diving is an important activity in your life, you probably have things you would like to do. This can bring up various personal challenges, and it may help to have support and build your own non-technical skills.

  • Depth progression & advancing diving

  • Skills in emotion regulation & personal boundaries

  • Lifestyle & fitness changes outwith diving.

Coaching Fees

  • Start with an hour and discuss what you need

  • Commit and save with the time-based packages

  • Secure online payment

Fees and packages

Book one session at a time, or block book an amount of time and split into several sessions. If it is your first appointment, 60 minutes is recommended. 

Dr Laura Walton

Brief Background

Diving since 2007, Laura is an active scuba diver and instructor with range of experience from low visibility, cold water dives to tropical locations and the various challenges different sites offer. Her perspective in training is influenced by 20 years of studying psychology & 7 years as a diving professional. Alongside this she previously co-managed an active dive club and school in Scotland, and has experience of the dive industry and community. Laura holds multiple relevant qualifications including PADI Master Instructor, DDI Instructor, EFR Instructor & DAN Instructor. Experienced as a trainer and coach, she is able to draw on a background as a Clinical Psychologist for advanced techniques. Helping divers to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit-to-dive.
Laura Walton