The most important kit ..

Have you noticed that we spend a lot of time and effort getting to know the equipment we use in scuba diving, but what about that one irreplaceable piece of kit? You!

The PADI Psychological Diver is a course to help you explore your experiences as diver and learn more about how people behave underwater. Improve your awareness and make informed choices about your diving and training. 

This course a PADI distinctive specialty written by Dr Laura Walton to inform divers about theories of behaviour and learning.  Take the course to understand why we do what we do as scuba divers.

How do I become a PADI Psychological Diver?

Are you already a diver? Great – you will need to be a PADI Open Water diver, and it’s also good to get some diving experience before starting the course. From there, all you need to do is:

  • Study the PADI Psychological Diver elearning in your own time. This can be done at home..

  • Attend in person for workshop (or optional dives). The classroom session may be taken online.

  • The "dry" version of the course may be completed fully online at present. Time to pose for your certification photo. Congratulations!

Part One

Psychology for Scuba Divers eLearning

All of the theory is covered in the “Psychology for Scuba Divers” course. It’s perfectly okay to take the elearning on it’s own, although you won’t get a PADI certification, you will gain a lot of insight, perspective and theory. Start by signing up to the elearning now!


Instructor & Course Creator Dr Laura Walton

Diving since 2007, Laura is an active scuba diver and instructor (& Clinical Psychologist in the UK) with range of experience from low visibility, cold water dives to tropical locations and the various challenges different sites offer. Her perspective in training is influenced by 20 years of studying psychology & 7 years as a diving professional. Alongside this she previously co-managed an active dive club and school in Scotland, and has experience of the dive industry and community. Laura holds multiple relevant qualifications including PADI Master Instructor, DDI Instructor, EFR Instructor & DAN Instructor. With her interest in diving psychology and physiology, she seeks to learn more through research and to share understanding through creation of unique courses that help divers to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit-to-dive.

Attend in-person

for the classroom session or dives.

After completing the elearning, participate in a practical session, to check your learning, share your experience, ask any questions and apply your new insights! Our dates are limited.


  • Is this a real PADI course?

    Yes! PADI Psychological Diver is an approved distinctive course and can be counted towards PADI Master Scuba Diver.

  • Who is this course for?

    This course is for qualified divers, of Open Water level and above.

  • What will I learn?

    Human behaviour is complex, even more so underwater. In this course you will learn about yourself as a diver and ways to dive smarter.

  • How long is the course?

    The elearning is designed to take 7-14 hours (depending on deep you want to go!) Following that, you will attend the practical session with your instructor, approx. 3 to 4 hours, varies depending on activity.

  • Where can I take the course?

    The elearning is accessed online and contains all of the knowledge development for the course, but for full certification, you will need to attend in person, we are adding new instructors, see the list above. During the pandemic, PADI are permitting this course to be offered fully online, with the classroom session via live videocall.

  • Will I get a PADI certification?

    Yes! On successful completion of the course, you will gain a PADI distinctive specialty certification. All PADI certifications are now provided as ecards. These are viewable in the app which is free to download: More importantly, you will have an improved awareness of yourself as a diver.

Course Fees

Ask your instructor for the local price of the classroom session or dives. Our online classroom session is stated in the above booking link and includes certification. Elearning is purchased separately.