Fit to dive medical

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Being cleared as "fit to dive" medically is important for scuba divers at all levels.  You may know that there are certain health conditions that make diving more risky.  Training agencies and centres will generally require some form of declaration of your fitness to dive.  As a scuba diver, you may also want to inform yourself about medical conditions that can affect divers.  

Medical assessment and information is not available on this website.  We do offer non-medical services to support behaviour and lifestyle change.  We also provide education in mental health, diving medicine and diving related conditions via the recognised DAN and EFR courses we are qualified to teach.  However we do not provide medical services.  If you have questions about your own medical fitness to dive, or require a fit to dive medical, it is advised to seek a medical doctor, with an awareness of diving medicine. 

The internationally recognised fit to dive medical form is available for your information via the link below.  You will also find links to some organisations that do share information about medical fitness for diving.

Medically fit to scuba dive

Check your fitness to dive.

The international Diver Medical Screen Committee (DMSC) developed a screening and assessment system for recreational divers worldwide. In many cases this is the form you will be asked to provide when you dive, particularly when taking courses. The form is available in a range of languages via the link below. (Select your language in the first box to get the form).

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