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This easy-read eGuide was created to help divers understand what sparks diver panic.

  • You are a scuba diver who values safety and wants to build awareness of the causes of diver panic.

  • Perhaps you have experienced panic while diving, came close to it, or witnessed another diver losing control due to panic.

  • You may also be a professional interested in a simple way to explain diver panic.

  • This guide may not be for you if you are looking for support following a panic incident, need help with anxiety or other mental health concerns. Although you may find this guide useful, you may require more specialist help.

About this eGuide

How will it help you?

In the guide we look at the issue of diver panic: how common it is and the causes.  Frequently, when scuba divers panic, we are quick to look for an explanation, but often miss out on the full set of contributing factors.  This guide introduces the panic triangle concept, which explains what leads up to a diver entering the state of panic. 

It was developed by a scuba diving instructor and psychologist, to offer a simple way to reflect on the complex issue of diver panic.   The guide is an introduction to the concept.  For more depth, you'll need further study and reflection on your diving experience.  The free eGuide contains a brief, accessible guide to the key issues to look out for and is a quick way to start building your awareness.

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Your eGuide to diver panic

Created by ...

Instructor & Course Creator Dr Laura Walton

Diving since 2007, Laura is an active scuba diver and instructor (& Clinical Psychologist in the UK) with range of experience from low visibility, cold water dives to tropical locations and the various challenges different sites offer. Her perspective in training is influenced by 20 years of studying psychology & 7 years as a diving professional. Alongside this she previously co-managed an active dive club and school in Scotland, and has experience of the dive industry and community. Laura holds multiple relevant qualifications including PADI Master Instructor, DDI Instructor, EFR Instructor & DAN Instructor. With her interest in diving psychology and physiology, she seeks to learn more through research and to share understanding through creation of unique courses that help divers to be physically, mentally and emotionally fit-to-dive.